NOTE: Click the game screen in order for it to capture keyboard inputs.

A simple Wordle clone, made in Godot, made for fun. Uses the same word list from Wordle as of 2022-02-08, so the answers will be the same as the official version. I suppose if The New York Times ever makes their version paid you can use this one.


Download 22 MB
Version v2.0.3 Dec 17, 2023
Download 46 MB
Version v2.0.3 Dec 17, 2023
Download 25 MB
Version v2.0.3 Dec 17, 2023


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Works really nice!


The game seems to cease working whenever it finds a word that is not part of the dictionary.

Despite that, good job. Simple yet effective. I wish you good continuation.


That's weird, it doesn't break for me, you should still be able to use the backspace key to delete the letters. Though I admit that the lack of animations makes this hard to discern, I should implement some indicator for receiving inputs, like making the letters shake in some way.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!


Ah! Actually I wasn't expecting being able to erase my word after validating it. And I was simply expecting the game to send me to the next line. So maybe it's just me that did not understood how the game worked. My bad.

And you're welcome!